• Piano Tuning

    It is recommended to have your piano tuned once every 6 months. We provide tuning services for both upright pianos and grand pianos.

  • Piano Regulation

    Piano regulation consists of major and minor regulations. Regulation works helps keep your piano and its moving parts in good working condition, directly affecting playability. A detailed assessment is required to be carried out by a Piano Technician to assess if a piano needs to be regulated.

  • Piano Tuning & General Servicing

    Piano Tuning & General Servicing entails the following:

    • Tuning
    • Checking of wippen assemblies and action rack (minute adjustments made if necessary)
    • Disassembly of action rack
    • Disassembly of key sticks
    • Internal cleaning of piano
  • Piano Repairs

    Having problems with your piano such as stuck keys, sluggish keys or snapped strings? Drop us a call and we will do an assessment to get to the root of the problem.

  • Piano Moving

    We specialise in helping you move your precious and valuable pianos when you move house/office! As the expert in piano, we know how to handle your pianos carefully and diligently. Call us now to enquire!

  • Piano Disposal

    Need piano disposing services? Call us to enquire to get the best rates! We've been in the piano disposal line for many years and we can surely give you the best advice!